What we do

We offer organisations (NHS and others) and individual professionals a comprehensive range of services including:

  • One to one Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team facilitation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills Development up to ILM Level 5
  • Coaching for Health Training (in association with OSCA) and wellbeing
  • Continuing Professional Development

Why coaching?

A coaching relationship is a partnership of equals and is driven by the coachee who decides on the issue they want to discuss in advance of each meeting. This should include anything that is impacting on their life and work, including wellbeing, and does not need to be confined to work-related topics. The role of the coach is to support the coachee, and to help them to identify and achieve their goals (both the small and every day, as well as the big and longer term). This involves enabling the coachee to find the self-confidence and resourcefulness to make positive changes in their life. The emphasis is on active listening, prompting, and challenging, when needed. Exercises and coaching tools are used when appropriate. ‘Homework’ is often agreed for the coachee to complete between sessions. Advice is rarely given (we know that it is much more useful and effective for the coachee to work out their own solutions). However, a coach will be happy to offer their observations and sometimes information, if appropriate. Sessions are usually several weeks apart as this allows time for reflection and for change to take place between sessions.

It is important to note that coaching is not a substitute for counselling or psychotherapy. Some coachees face difficulties with their mental health at times, and if this is the case, the coach will signpost them to more appropriate resources, whilst continuing to support them in their capacity as a coach, where possible.

Executive coaching/mentoring improves motivation, morale and retention within organisations. It helps professionals move from being good at their jobs to becoming outstanding. It helps create a culture of excellence, innovation and high performance. This is supported by evidence such as the Garvey B, Garrett-Harris R (2005) literature review and Oxford Brookes' evaluation of our own services.

We strongly believe that independent coaching and mentoring provides a safer environment and is more productive than coaching provided internally.

The benefits of coaching with FMC include:

  • An opportunity to clarify and work towards your professional and personal goals;
  • An opportunity to identify and overcome any barriers (both internal and external) that are preventing you from making progress;
  • Increased job satisfaction;
  • Reduced stress levels;
  • Improved work-life balance;
  • Insight and useful observations from an experienced coach.

How does our one to one coaching work?

Normally our coaching/mentoring service includes the following:

  • Our experienced matchers will offer you at least 3 coaches from which you can select the one who seems most suited to you

  • Everyone’s coaching needs are different, so at the outset the programme is always designed and agreed to align with the individual's needs

  • Three 90 minute sessions, with your coach/mentor. Further sessions are available afterwards, if needed

  • Normally, sessions are around 4-6 weeks apart, allowing the client time to work on what has been discussed

  • A number of coaching tools and techniques will be used to help develop awareness and deeper insight

  • All coaching and mentoring sessions are confidential between the client and the coach. All our staff adhere to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.