Educational Meetings

We hold evening educational (CPD) meetings three times a year. These cover many topics related to coaching, and we welcome non-members.

Upcoming Meetings

Tues 15 November 2022: Shifting Stories - Andrew Scott

Thurs 2 March 2023: Parallel Process and Transference - Robin Shohet

If you would like to join us, there are two ways you can do so:

  1. Become an Associate Member of FMC for £60 per annum. This entitles you to attend all 3 CPD sessions.

  2. Attend individual sessions for £30 per session.

Past Presentations

25.06.20 Paquita de Zulueta: Six Thinking Hats

22.10.20 Linda Miller:Coaching as Bystander Intervention for Equality and Diversity (with cartooning)

19.01.21 Claire Pedrick: Changing the Medium - Creating Awareness in Virtual Coaching

16.03.21 Terri Simpkin: the Imposter Phenomenon

05.10.21 Sue Morgan and Helen Massil: Blocks

03.02.22 Ros Ramsay, Linda Miller: Conflicts of Interest

16.06.22 Naomi Craft: Values in Coaching