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We are a not-for-profit group of NHS professionals, including NHS Consultants and GPs, who have provided executive coaching and mentoring services to more than 3000 professional clients since 2008 to enable them to successfully manage their working lives.

We specialise in holistic coaching of professionals which not only includes leadership skills and personal development but considers work-life balance and prioritises well-being. It is our belief, supported by research, that engagement and achievement in the workplace is best achieved when one's personal life is also thriving. Coaching helps people to take charge of their own development, release their potential, and to make **positive changes in both their professional and personal lives. **

Through our years of collective experience, we understand what it is like to work in a highly pressurised, unpredictable environments, such as the NHS, where one has to deal with the structures and processes, the demands and the constraints. Through our combined medical and coaching knowledge we are uniquely placed to provide holistic and well-being coaching to professionals.

Each of our coaches hold substantial qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring which are widely recognised throughout the coaching industry, (eg via ILM, ICF, EMCC) and we provide group supervision and CPD for all of our coaches.

We adhere to the EMCC code of practice and the GMC's Good Medical Practice. All coaching and mentoring sessions are confidential.

Evaluation of Our Coaching

An independent evaluation of the London Deanery Coaching and Mentoring Service, which most of our coaches worked for and helped develop, was carried out by Oxford Brookes University (Bachkirova et al, 2015). This evaluation showed statistically significant improvements in employee engagement, self-efficacy and self-compassion of clients participating in the scheme.

Five years later, we reported a further study from the same service, looking at what changes doctors said they had made as a result of receiving mentoring. The changes most frequently reported related to Personal effectiveness, Career development, Self-Awareness, Work/life balance and Self- confidence as a doctor. (E Paice et al; EMCC International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching: Special edition, October 2017)

The coaching and mentoring programme provides an effective service for their clients….Well-validated measures that were selected for this evaluation show that employee engagement, self-efficacy and self-compassion of the participants significantly improved…..The analysis convincingly shows that coaching was a major contributor to this success.

Oxford Brookes University

Our Vision and Values

We want to provide and support coaching and mentoring in health care, to help individuals achieve self-realisation, self-confidence and self-compassion; to thrive and flourish.

Above all, we value:

  • Excellence: we continuously develop our skills though training, reflection and supervision. We encourage these in our clients.
  • Collaboration: we treat our clients as resourceful equals, valuing their time and energy.
  • Compassion: we coach through compassionate listening and challenge. We encourage clients to develop self-compassion.
  • A holistic outlook: we encourage better personal life balance and wellbeing.
  • Ethical practice: we adhere to the EMCC code of practice, and the GMC’s Good Medical Practice.

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